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Ignore bogus reports


Please stop quoting the State Parks' 2017 bogus Economic Impact Report. There has never been an independent, unbiased study of the financial impacts of the Oceano Dunes State Vehicular Recreation Area!

The deceptive "report" issued by State Parks was conducted by a marketing firm, SMG Consulting, whose president is a self-proclaimed "adventure motorcycle rider." The survey area included the Monarch Butterfly Preserve, and questions were approved solely by State Parks. It failed to include any negative impacts such as trash, sand removal, or emergency services—sheriff or Cal Fire. Just 909 surveys were returned.

Visit Oceano and it's clear to see the economic reality. People come with their $100,000 RVs and ATVs, and camp. They do not visit local hotels or restaurants.

Pismo Beach and Oceano each have approximately 8,000 residents, but the yearly operating budget for Pismo Beach is $38 million. The budget for the Oceano Community Services District is less than $6 million. Cayucos, Avila Beach, Cambria, and Morro Bay are booming towns while Oceano is struggling.

We in Oceano would welcome an independent, full-cost accounting report. The California Coastal Commission's environmental justice policy specifically directs the Coastal Commission to ignore bogus reports—so stop.

Bonita Ernst


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