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Ignore Measure H untruths and vote no

San Luis Obispo



As a fourth-generation resident of this community and having raised a family, coached youth sports, supported youth sports, and been a founding member of the Youth Sports Association, I urge San Luis to reject Measure H and vote “ NO.” A no vote is in favor of completing a carefully planned road from east to west along our southern part of the city that is badly needed. It does not create a four lane road through the middle of our park.

When the city and the Youth Sports Association selected the current site for Damon Garcia Sports complex, they carefully planned for this road. It has always been part of the discussion, contrary to mistruths that have been floated by the proponents. Putting more traffic onto Tank Farm Road, South Street, and Buckley and dumping it into Los Osos Valley Road is not a solution.

Twenty-five years of good planning and public input have resulted in the proposed Prado Road extension and alignment. Do not let good planning be derailed by a small, narrow-minded group of people who have spread misinformation and unwarranted fear. The Tribune recommended No on H, and the Sept. 17 Viewpoint by John Spatafore, Hilary Trout, and Stacey White is exactly right. Vote no on Measure H.

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