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Ignore the kleptocracy; vote yes on H

San Luis Obispo



If the city had tried to come up with the worst way to move traffic across the south end of town, it would have designed its proposed Prado Road extension, with its truck route through neighborhoods, parks, and sports parks, and its silly traffic-stopping dead end at Broad Street.

Measure H is a much-needed corrective offering a chance to do better. I urge dismissing the lies put out against H and voting for it.

Front and center in opposing H are our lame duck mayor (who previously criticized the city’s Prado plan), our lame duck councilman-from-Arroyo-Grande, and just-retired city manager Ken Hampian, who seems to have stuck taxpayers with up to a $4.5 million bill for his pension. This troika presided over transforming our city from one that cared about its residents into a developer-centric kleptocracy. Just two of their downtown crony developers made off with city handouts amounting to about $700 from every man, woman, and child residing in the city.

These folks don’t care about you, your kids’ health, or the stop-and-go traffic mess their Prado “solution” will create on Broad Street.

Measure H will prevent these problems and deserves your support.

Also, isn’t it time citizens just sent a loud message to city hall to fix itself?

Vote yes on Measure H.

-- Richard Schmidt - San Luis Obispo

-- Richard Schmidt - San Luis Obispo

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