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I'll support a Pismo leader who focuses on residents

Pismo Beach



Thank you to Jan Woern who called out the Pismo Beach City Council in her letter to New Times (“Take my local leaders—please!” Nov. 24). As a Pismo resident, I have been sickened by the actions of this council, and also disappointed in the apathy of my fellow residents and the press.

Our council is an enigma wrapped in a mystery shoved inside five total tools.

For example, our downtown/pier area is still dated and grubby, populated mostly by bikers and teenage smokers from Bakersfield, and still they do nothing but put pork money to an ugly boardwalk.

I, for one, will do more than complain (and be ignored by the council). I will actively support any candidate for Pismo council who promises to focus on the existing residents’ needs. Time to get rid of Reiss, Higginbotham, Vardas, and those two old guys with the drool bibs (Ehring and Waage).

Pismo could be a much better city with better leaders. Let me help you!

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