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I'll tell you who won't be missed


I will not miss Jesus.

As a frequent reader and letter writer to New Times, please allow me to comment on the passing of another man who touched many people's lives.

I take no pleasure in Jesus' passing, but feel the global community has lost little. The Bible exemplifies historical recording at its worst. Jesus was both radical and disrespectful. Telling those who don't believe in him that they will burn in eternal fires of "damnation" shows no manners, morals, nor common sense. There is no place for such swill in any publication that purports to guide people to eternal salvation. Perhaps if Jesus had not abused his ability to turn water into wine, he might've lived past 33. Goodbye, Jesus.

P.S. Mr. Kobara, you sound like an ass.


Shana Hirst

Grover Beach

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