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Illegitimate opinions


Who the heck is editing the opinion section of New Times? In a week that saw an outrageous, partisan power grab by the Board of Supervisors, New Times decides to print an irrelevant tale of a past (I hope) commentator's move from California to Tennessee ("From over here," Dec. 2). I for one won't miss his retrograde ideas, such as the egregious example from this, his last (I hope) column, in which he speaks of Pilgrims' "zeal to seek out a land where they could live by their conscious [sic] and practice their faith without fear of persecution." How about the rights of the indigenous inhabitants to a land where they could live without fear of persecution?

New Times could have invited an expert to write a column, for instance, professor Michael Latner from Cal Poly's political science department. An expert on redistricting, he could have spelled out clearly all the ways in which the redistricting process and outcome were completely illegitimate.

Johanna Rubba

Grover Beach

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