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I'm thankful for dog lovers like Debby

San Luis Obispo



I would like to express my appreciation to Debby Sweet at Short ’n Sweet Dog Rescue in Templeton.

I recently had occasion to try and find a home for the dog of a neighbor who could
no longer care for him. Of the six local rescues that I contacted, Debby was the only one to respond to my e-mail and to take the dog, despite the fact that he had some issues at the time. She found a wonderful home for him within a few weeks.

It is obvious that Debby cares deeply for animals, but it is a constant struggle financially. More and more people have to relinquish their animals due to the economy, and fewer adoptions take place.

Please don’t forget rescues like Short ’n Sweet. If you would care to make a donation, go to the website at shortnsweetdogrescue
.org. They are also in need of towels and bathmats for the dogs to curl up on at night.

Again, many thanks, Debby. Thank God for people like you

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