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I'm working to save the oceans!

Los Osos



The ocean is hurting, but a broad spectrum of folks is fighting back. The hope is that by declaring a series of Marine Protected Areas, we can bring it back from the brink. And now it’s showtime.

The Morro Bay Harbor Department wants to bring an old silted-in boat marina back to life in Morro Bay Estuary, right next to an SMR, which is a Marine Protected Area with the highest level of protection. You see, the Harbor Department gets paid by the boat slip rent, so that’s why they want to ignore the Marine Protected Area rules!

But I’m ready to rumble, baby. I got the science on my side, I got the law on my side, and thanks to the water board, the previous precedent, I got karma on my side! I had to fight just to get a meeting with the powers that be, but John Laird, secretary of resources of the state of California, made sure I got one. It’s in Sacramento on July 10.

And just when you thought it couldn’t get any bigger, now Diablo Canyon Nuclear Plant wants the Fish and Game Commission to effectively get rid of Point Buchon State Marine Reserve, right next door! It finally leaked out (poor choice of words!) that the nuke plant was built on three earthquake faults, and Diablo wants to do some very destructive seismic test-pounding at 240 decibels!

So, now the first two State Marine Reserves are both already being challenged! Oh, stay tuned folks ’cause this is only gonna get bigger and better. Hold on fishies—Joey’s gonna put the “can” in Racano!

-- Joey Racano - Ocean Outfall Group director

-- Joey Racano - Director, Ocean Outfall Group

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