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Immigrants aren't the problem


I have one five-letter word for Laura Mordaunt to highlight the ignorance displayed in her April 19 letter to the editor ("Stop sanctuary status in SLO County"): mafia. Did you forget the crimes committed by your fellow countrymen?

Your parents and thousands of other Americans who came through Ellis Island came through because of an open border policy. Your suggestion that those coming across the border at this time are "moving us back to living under dictatorship rule" is so ridiculous that I find it hard to believe you have these thoughts. When in history has the United States of America been under dictatorship rule?

What we currently have in the White House is a president who is trying to herd us into his dictatorship, and guess what? You're drinking the Kool-Aid. You believe the lies he spews as gospel. This man is so busy tweeting every second of the day, when does he have time to be our president? To believe that those who come across the border hate this country suggest you cannot think for yourself and believe everything he says.

You really must close your eyes when there are news reports of mass shootings at schools or government buildings, because with the exception of the shootings in San Bernardino and the Pulse Nightclub, the rest have been committed by those of Caucasian ancestry, not Mexican, Central American, or South American. Oh and by the way, everybody pays taxes. These people spend money and in doing so pay taxes!

Gloria A. Becerra,

indigenous, not just first generation

Arroyo Grande

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