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Immigration reform needs to happen

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The commentary, "I am undocumented" (Aug. 29), seems like a politically written hit piece. If factual, I am sympathetic. But I also grew up with illegal immigrants, hired illegal immigrants, and worked with them. Most went to the effort to be legalized and assimilate over the years.

The need to improve our immigration laws and enforce them has been going on long before President Donald Trump. The only amnesty happened under a Republican president in 1986, which legalized more than 3 million people. Since then, we have had talk from both Democrats and Republicans, and nothing gets done.

Laws are ignored on all sides. President Barack Obama had a Democratic majority in Congress his first term and ignored immigration reform. Is there a country with a template for reform? That's your call. All countries have borders and immigration laws. No country takes in as many immigrants as we do, legal and illegal !

The U.S. is a valued destination because it is a country of laws. Either we obey the laws or we are lawless.

Harry Fawcett

Avila Beach


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