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In defense of a cheaper option

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I am a Morro Bay City Council candidate that "Cheaper in the long run?" (Oct. 22) criticized. My stance is: Staying at the current plant site is a superior, affordable option for the very reasons the writer identified. It will comply with the discharge order and reduce the high rates the incumbents have forced upon the community. 1. There will be no new building. There will be replacements of those parts not already replaced. Many parts have already been upgraded to keep the city processing sewage. Any cost will be in the $10 millions, not the $100 millions this new plant requires. 2. The plant remains in city limits, so there's no county involvement. 3. It's the new location that raised the cost of the sewer project from $37 million to $130.5 million in 11 years. Without four new pipelines, two new lift stations, and the energy required to pump sewage 3.5 miles uphill 24/7/365 for 30 years, the rates have no reason to escalate. 4. Most of the contractors have at-will contracts, so there will be nothing to pay back. There will be a settlement with Black and Veatch. 5. Yes, it really will be "cheaper in the long run."

Betty Winholtz

Morro Bay


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