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Inequity at its best




I cringe when progressive wannabe socialists and some of the mainstream media try to explain how the Occupy Wall Street movement is a wonderful way for people to express their outrage because 1 percent of Americans have more money than they know what to do with. Are you kidding me? Why aren’t they camped out on the doorsteps of those elected officials, especially in Congress, who keep allowing our tax dollars to be spent on pie in the sky ideas like giving billions in aid to China while owing them many more billions in debt? Think of how much money we could save if we enforced the checks and balances we already have in place and actually held people accountable for their actions! Why don’t the occupiers follow up on that? Meanwhile the 40 percent or fewer of us who do pay taxes in this country continue to support the other 60 percent who do not, will not, or cannot pay their fair share because no one makes them. How come the occupiers aren’t complaining about them?

How can it be that our politicians still debate what illegal “is” and how much regulation we “must” have while our economy sinks and our ability to provide for ourselves is put on hold while we provide aid to every country on Earth before we focus on our own country’s needs? Why is it that our politicians somehow cannot figure out how to enforce the laws of our own country in any way, shape, or form but allow other countries to give us advice on how to, while encouraging their populations to flock to America because we willingly give them the same benefits as our own citizens? Who obligated us to do that? As Americans, we have always welcomed those who are motivated to help themselves make a better life here, especially when they are willing to work for it. When did that understanding change?

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