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Innovative performance group Deep Blue offers workshops at Spanos Theater



Are you experiencing a musical rut? Do you retreat into the same handful of songs whenever you’re looking for a little ambiance? Did you last dance on Dec. 31, 1999—and that was only because you thought the world was going to end anyway?

Try this foolproof plan for musical liberation: Australian experimental music, dance, and performance troupe Deep Blue. 

The multi-talented group is visiting SLO and will make a range of appearances at the Spanos Theater Oct. 8 through 10 with engaging workshops centering on innovative performance techniques. 

A free performance will kick off on Oct. 11 at the theatre bursting with string instrumentals, foot-stomping choreography, and entertaining education. 

Want to learn how to captivate an audience? Want to be captivated? This is your perfect shade of blue. For more information, visit

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