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Invest in our infrastructure

Los Osos



The price of gasoline just happens to double during the last year in office of one of the worst presidents. I am amazed to see the cost of food, health care, energy, and everything else we need to survive has gone through the roof during this administration. †

Do not fret, though. Food and energy is not counted when inflation is calculated and displayed to the public. Keep the money presses a-rolling.

I am amazed at how many trillions of our hard-earned dollars go overseas to fight worthless wars when in fact our own infrastructure is crumbling before our eyes. I am amazed to witness our water, wastewater, electricity, gas, and everything else we use to survive deteriorate, but do not fret, the ratepayer will cover it. I am amazed that people with full health insurance can lose their homes if they have a chronic diseases or cancers and their insurance company denies coverage. †

I am amazed at how my property tax rate will nearly double next year to pay for a sewer I cannot afford (per EPA standards), yet the government itself is requiring it.

Wouldn’t we be amazed to see what would happen if we invested in our own country’s infrastructure?

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