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Iraq war is worth the losses

Paso Robles



 I lost a lot to Iraq; friends, heroes, family, and pieces of myself I work on replacing every day. I told my wife, who had our baby boy of six months and our six-year-old son to raise alone, to stop watching the news. The media has been lying to us for years, and the conflict in Iraq is no different. Regarding the letter by Ray Pezzoli, Jr. (“The Iraq mission is a great success,” March 18): It’s not evil that sells newspapers, it’s misery. The media are always quick to shove images of dead Iraqi’s in our face, and when we finally become numb, they slip in images of American service members, screaming that today, or this week or month was the bloodiest ever. But did they even whisper that the Iraqi people were terrified about the U.S. leaving after the fall of Baghdad? So why on Earth would they care that the eight years of bloody labor they have so graciously cashed in on have finally produced results?

 I have only one true regret about my time in Iraq, and that is that I didn’t do more. To those of you nay sayers: If you haven’t been there and done that, keep your opinion to yourself, since it was my life on the line— not yours—and my tax dollars are being spent, just like yours.

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