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Is anyone paying attention to Smart Meters?




Not too long ago, I received a notice that PG&E would soon be installing their “Smart Meter” in our neighborhood. Like many, I had read some brief articles from concerned or frightened citizens of other counties who reported double—even triple—increases in their monthly bills. I also have a friend who has been studying this coerced consumerism, and she led me to many other resources that suggest that there are other significant health and security problems as well.

This is no joke, folks. In the interest of all who are financially strapped and can’t afford any utility increases, let alone doubled rates, or for those who have read about current concerns regarding brain tumors caused by cell phone emissions similar to those of the Smart Meter, would you please investigate this matter? The corporate code of silence as evidenced by the information cap imposed by PG&E needs to be exposed. Many thanks.

Ed. note: New Times recently covered this issue in “How smart are they?” (Nov. 11) and “Smart Meter controversy comes to Morro Bay” (Dec. 9).


-- Mardi Geredes - Atascadero

-- Mardi Geredes - Atascadero

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