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Is this a new Crusade?



It should not have come as any surprise—after centuries of interference, colonization, and exploitation in the oil-rich Middle East by Western powers—that another native radical group has seized land there, following what recently happened in Iran and Gaza. This apparently is too much for the West and, according to the latest polls, the U.S. public is being conned into supporting another military action.

The propaganda tactic is similar to that used before the Vietnam and Iraq wars. ISIL is portrayed as bad people doing nasty things (most dictatorships everywhere do, including those that have been supported by the United States). They are or will be a threat to our homeland (especially if we keep bombing them), and the U.S. promises to only use airstrikes and advisers to support a Western aligned government (future mission creep?). Some other underlying causes of the conflict, like the area’s serious overpopulation, poverty, and unemployment, will push the fighting to continue, with “nothing to lose” men in the area joining by the thousands. Religious sectarianism, as is often the case, thus becomes more of a rationalization for combat than a reason.

If ISIL and their supporters dream of reestablishing the Islamist Empire of the Middle Ages, we may be seeing what could be the opening stages of a new Crusade: the radical Islamists of the Middle East against the liberal, Christian West. Millions may end up dying. This time, however, one of the West’s client states—Israel—already has Jerusalem.

-- Gerald Manata - Paso Robles

-- Gerald Manata - Paso Robles

-- Gerald Manata - Paso Robles

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