It was a bad week to be a suspected Paso junkie



Over the course of three days, the Paso Robles Police Department Special Enforcement Team (SET) arrested four people on heroin-related charges.

On Thursday, May 23, Dylan Michael Bice, 21, and Afeek Oz Haviv, 19, were arrested by SET detectives who reported observing the two men appearing to conduct a “hand-to-hand” drug transaction in the parking lot of a Paso Robles Target store. According to the department, a search of the suspects revealed .2 grams of suspected heroin and a hypodermic syringe.

On Friday, May 24, SET detectives performing a probation compliance check allegedly found one gram of heroin and 17.9 grams of marijuana in the residence of a 17-year-old juvenile suspect, who was subsequently arrested.

Then on Saturday, May 25, SET detectives arrested Guillermo “Willie” Lujan, 29, after a probation compliance check allegedly revealed 10 cubic centimeters of liquid heroin and $650 in cash.

“Heroin has definitely made a comeback over recent years in San Luis Obispo County,” Paso Robles PD Lt. Ty Lewis told New Times.

Lewis said that after a crackdown on illegal prescription pills in recent years, many former pill addicts have turned to more illicit opiates with similar effects, like heroin.

Lewis said his department’s detective division is proactive as part of its mission, and further drug arrests “wouldn’t be surprising.” In particular, the strong correlation between theft-related crimes and drug use compels Paso Robles detectives to be vigilant, he noted.

“Once you become addicted to opiates like heroin, that is a very expensive habit which has to be supported,” he said. “Drugs like heroin can cause extreme actions like theft, which addicts might not otherwise commit.”

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