It's a SLO council update!



Chinatown: The San Luis City Council approved a 60-day extension to negotiate the purchase of city property with the Copeland family for the Chinatown project. The Copeland option to buy the property was set to expire May 4, but the extension will allow for the property value to be reassessed and give the city and Copeland an opportunity to renegotiate the sale.

Raises for city officials: The council also approved a 6 percent performance-based pay increase for City Attorney Jonathan Lowell and City Administrative Officer Ken Hampion. It comes on top of council-approved raises for most city officials--including Hampion and Lowell--in January.

Downtown Association: The San Luis Obispo Downtown Association, once a quasi-city organization, is free to split away, according to the City Council. At the April 1 council meeting, while the Downtown Brown bear mascot looked on, the council approved a restructuring plan for the association. The group hopes to be an independent nonprofit by this summer.

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