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It's a start, New Times



New Times finally wrote a cover story on the planned Las Pilitas Rock Quarry (“A rock and a hard place,” Aug. 15). It seems very one sided in favor of allowing the quarry. Much of the information against it was left out.

It didn’t allow Margarita Proud, the resident group recommending denial of a Conditional Use Permit, representation equal to what the project applicant’s representative was given. Nor did it mention the vast quantities of water a quarry uses, water that will be taken at the expense of the surrounding domestic users.

They say they have two springs, but springs can change course or dry up! The water table of all of Santa Margarita is going down, and the Salinas River (the stated source of project water) flows into the rapidly declining Paso Robles Basin.

And with so many trucks going in and out of the quarry, if one was stalled for any reason, would emergency vehicles like fire engines or ambulance be able to pass? Perhaps New Times should make this the first in a series that endeavors to explore more in-depth the reasons why residents are not so happy about a strip mine in the location being proposed.

-- Dee Carroll - Santa Margarita

-- Dee Carroll - Santa Margarita

-- Dee Carroll - Santa Margarita

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