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It's clear: Selling medical marijuana violates federal law

Morro Bay



Charles Lynch just doesn’t get it (“Down—but not out,” April 28). He can continue to push this rock uphill until it rolls back down again and flattens him.



Some people lack the capacity to learn.

As much as it may pain some regular readers of New Times and some New Times writers to admit it, the Federal Drug Enforcement Agency and one of New Times’ favorite targets, Sheriff Pat Hedges, did what they are being employed to do: enforce the law and keep the community safe.

The politicians in Morro Bay need to stop wasting their taxpayer-funded time on trying to override federal law with their whining about what an “emotional issue” this is. It is not an emotional issue. It is a federal law issue, and that issue seems to be black and white: selling marijuana violates federal law.

Morro Bay staff people should be spending their time trying to figure out how to pay for filling the damn potholes in the streets, and not twiddling their collective thumbs hammering out multi-page studies and drafts inspired by their political bosses. If City Attorney Rob Schultz has so much extra time that he and his staff can present 12-page proposed city ordinances that clearly violate federal law, then maybe his positive contribution to Morro Bay would be better served if he was provided with a shovel and some asphalt?

It seems very clear that the prior mayor and prior city council people were replaced by a new set of people for many good and valid reasons. Maybe the good people of Morro Bay want their political leaders to show some common sense and to do their jobs making the city of Morro Bay run more efficiently and for the betterment of the residents of Morro Bay? Not wasting their time and our tax revenues trying to trump federal law with local political banter.

I wonder how the city officials would feel if the feds came in to a council meeting and dragged them out in handcuffs to face their own federal charges?

-- Michael Fallon - Cayucos

-- Michael Fallon - Cayucos

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