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It's not Diablo that's killing fisheries


I read with interest, the New Times article on Diablo Canyon sea water intake and discharge, "Changed habitat" (Dec. 17, 2020).

Clearly, evidence does exist of the huge volume of planktonic sea life killed every year. However, it has apparently been forgotten that in the early days of Diablo Canyon, we still had an abalone fishery in San Luis Obispo County. Similarly, the red sea urchin fishery was founded at Port San Luis about 1972. At this time, too, we could still fish for clams at Pismo Beach and Morro Bay.

Most of these shellfish resources went away before and during the early Diablo days. Did Diablo Canyon Power Plant eliminate these food resources? No. This loss was caused by sea otters, not fishing, not Diablo Canyon seawater intake/discharges. And, this did not occur just at Point Buchon. These fishery losses occurred over an approximate 300 miles of coastline, north of Monterey to northern Santa Barbara County.

Now the game is to extort money out of PG&E by making them out as "killers." There is a whole lot more of this story which has been left out. I trust the $5.9 million will be spent on real restoration projects.

Steve Rebuck

San Luis Obispo

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