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It's not illegal to oppose bad ideas


In response to Stuart Denker's letter about the Los Osos CSD ("Tired of sewer theatrics," May 20-27):

Lighten up on bashing our sewer sisters. It is understandable why some of our Los Osos CSD members are the targets of loud shrills and verbal abuse. Most of us were taught that if something is unaffordable, the prudent thing to do is not buy it if it doesn't fit our budget. The dissention all started when our board deviated from the plan that elected them. Had the board stayed on course and not let special-interest groups influence their duties to the community as a whole, we would probably have been well on our way to building an affordable system by this time. The delays, lawsuits, and friction they caused in the community was a direct result of them abandoning their affordability promises. It is not illegal to oppose un-funded mandates and stand firm.

Now that we can prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that this antiquated technology is unaffordable, it is past time to tell the paper tiger to get lost and move forward with a biotechnological system we all voted for.

Flushing devices have been around since 1700 B.C. That is about 3,700 years ago. It would appear that the device our board has carved in stone was born in the 1800s. It's not too late to do it right.


Ernie Beaumont

Los Osos

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