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It's the environment, stupid




Green will be the new economy. But as long as the petrochemical industry owns our government, environmentally friendly jobs will have the back burner. Drill, baby, drill continues to be the mindset of politicians beholden to Big Oil. We need jobs, but not at the expense of planetary destruction. Creating thousands of relatively short-term jobs in the name of fossil fuel production is a drop in the bucket, will do long-term harm, and will squander resources better used for products we will be unable to produce from any other source.

We have a finite supply of fossil fuels, but an infinite amount of sunlight (or other renewables). We need energy production of the future that will create long-term jobs, improve people’s lives, and save the environment. We can put millions of people to work retrofitting the aging dwellings most Americans live in; replacing bad insulation, drafty windows, and outdated furnaces should be our priority. Those are jobs of the future, not the oilrig roust-about that has lived a long and useful life but will be out of work when the oil is gone. The petrochemical industry will not let go of its stranglehold on the economy unless we demand it; technological advances are happening fast and furious, rocketing us into the future whether we are ready or not.

Why destroy our planet to further enrich a few billionaires?

-- David Deick - Atascadero

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