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It's the sunshine, stupid

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I wholeheartedly agree with Jeanne Kinney: A seven-story building has no place in downtown SLO ("Chorro and Marsh," Aug. 2). Not for extra living space, or commerce, or anything else.

Besides her people, SLO's character is about three things: sunshine, mountains, and weather (particularly ambient air temperature). When we build up, we lose all three. We lose the sunshine and the warmth to shadowed streets, and we lose the view of our beautiful mountains.

If we lose those three things, we lose SLO. Blot out the sun and the mountains and change the temperature, and it may as well be any urban setting anywhere.

I say all this as a renter who is almost completely priced out of the market: I'd rather be forced to leave than to see SLO lose her charm.

Here's a concession/suggestion: If we want to build up, we did it right at Cal Poly—up against the mountains.

But for the sake of all that's holy here, don't cast a giant, dark, cold shadow across our lovely downtown.

Sean R. Shealy

San Luis Obispo


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