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It's too soon to open


Great Shredder column in New Times ("Free-dumb," April 23)! This week, I participated in a Zoom meeting with state Sen. Bill Monning (D-Carmel) and SLO County Public Health Director Dr. Penny Borenstein. It was a short session but you certainly covered the sense I had of SLO County asking Gov. Gavin Newsom to retreat from shelter-at-home much too soon. There will be an immediate influx of people coming to the county for respite from their homes elsewhere. I know that many people are suffering from lack of income, but putting people's health in jeopardy is a much larger concern. As I venture out for groceries every couple of weeks, I still see people ignoring social distancing and refusing to wear a mask. These protections are for everyone and have made a huge difference in the incidence of COVID-19 infections in the county.

How ironic that "watching trends" is the excuse. Short-term gain for long-term loss! Gee, since the virus is invisible, we aren't able to see a trend except afterward. Those who signed the letter to Newsom should be ashamed of themselves. They may think they're being proactive, but it is a misplaced belief. I hope Newsom continues the strong stand he has taken and denies the request.

Susan Crosson

Arroyo Grande

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