James Huddleston




NEW TIMES How long have you been a unicyclist?

HUDDLESTON Since the summer between my junior and senior years of high school, so about 3 1/2 years.


NEW TIMES What drew you to ditching the second wheel?

HUDDLESTON It just gets in the way. With one wheel, you don't have to worry about a chain or anything. Plus you save a bundle when buying new tires. Mo' wheels, mo' problems.


NEW TIMES What was the biggest wreck you have ever been involved in?

HUDDLESTON This summer, actually. I was riding downtown when I was blitzkrieged by a toddler. I swerved to make sure I didn't hit him and caught the edge of a bench, fell, and broke my nose.


NEW TIMES Have you ever been heckled while on the unicycle?

HUDDLESTON Yeah, I have. People generally use the same old lines, "Where's the rest of your bike?" and "Do a wheelie!" Mostly stuff like that.


NEW TIMES Can you do a wheelie?

HUDDLESTON I'd be a pretty pathetic unicyclist if I couldn't.


NEW TIMES What advice would you give to someone who is starting out?

HUDDLESTON Practice, practice, practice. Then when you are cursing the world and every smug bastard who makes unicycling look so easy, practice more. It took me three weeks to get it down. Determination is key.


NEW TIMES Do you wear any protective clothing or equipment while riding?

HUDDLESTON I personally do not, but that’s because I think it looks dumb. When you’re starting out I would suggest a helmet. Also tuck your shoelaces when you ride. Otherwise they can get tangled in your pedals and cause you to crash.


NEW TIMES What about protecting your unicyclist jewels? Any protection for that?

HUDDLESTON Not really. Athletic cups just get in the way and you're gonna hurt them at some point anyways. Just find a position for them that works for you.


NEW TIMES Can you juggle while riding a unicycle or is that just a stereotype?

HUDDLESTON I can't juggle while riding, but I know a few people who can. I think there are many other more interesting things to do while riding a unicycle, like playing an accordion, which I did for my high school talent show.


NEW TIMES Did you win?

HUDDLESTON Nope, I was bested by two girls playing guitar.

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