Jana Seely

Hearst Castle media director



NEW TIMES Hearst Castle is preparing for Christmas at the Castle. What does that include?

SEELY Our entire staff starts decorating the estate in the beginning of December in order to give our guests a truly unique feeling of the holiday spirit. We don’t have a specific tour for the Christmas-themed estate, so everyone who is visiting will be able to see the winter wonderland that we’ve built.


NEW TIMES Is the entire estate decorated, or is it just the castle?

SEELY We decorate the main house and the three guest houses. There will be decorations along the buildings, as well as inside the rooms. We will also have decorations along our visitor center, including new gifts specifically for the holidays.


NEW TIMES What is the best way to come and see the castle lit up this year?

SEELY We ask that people who are attending plan ahead of time and set up a guided tour as soon as possible. We typically run out of room for the tours during the weekends; however, we usually have no problem with tours during the week. The nightly tours will start depending on the time of sunset, so please feel free to call our tour reservation number, or reserve a tour online. Merry Christmas and happy holidays!

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