Jenny Brantlee

matchmaker and first-time speed dating coordinator


New Times: What type of people showed up for the speed dating?

Really fabulous people. Both the guys and the girls were smart, good-looking, well-dressed, and adventurous.

New Times: Are people that come to speed dating shy?

Not really. It’s people that for whatever reasons hadn’t been in the dating scene. … They haven’t done anything proactive.

New Times: How successful was it?

Ninety-five percent had one match. Some had two or three.

New Times:
What are the benefits of speed dating?

Efficiency, affordability, and it’s private—but you can come in a group.

New Times:
What are the drawbacks of speed dating?

Brantlee: It takes courage.

New Times:
How many of your matches are successful?

Brantlee: We shall see.

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