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Jim Hill is the best face for Arroyo Grande



Simply put, Mayor Hill has done an amazing job since being elected mayor of Arroyo Grande. He is the “gem” of Arroyo Grande! He is very respectful, considerate, honest, trustworthy, compassionate, and extremely civil to all! His background in engineering and previous experience serving on a board, adds to his expertise as mayor. He carries himself with a humble “classiness” and has impeccable business etiquette and integrity. He remains composed at all times, when quite frankly many do not. He truly cares about our city and its citizens. I had an issue on a late Friday night and messaged him, and he responded in 10 minutes! And someone was out first thing Saturday morning to take care of the problem!

I am a sixth generation resident of the Five Cities, and Mayor Hill represents the “good old days” type of values that our city still has, and we must do everything possible to ensure that continues! We need an honorable man like Mayor Hill at the helm, and with his leadership our city will be in very capable hands. His dedication, commitment, and hard work are very much appreciated.

There are two other candidates who are very ready to put in the hard work it takes as City Council members, LeAnn Akins and John Mack. They are very responsive to the public and have hosted “meet and greets” that I have attended. They support Mayor Hill and would be eager to work amicably with him to get things done. Your vote does count: Please vote accordingly to help preserve our Arroyo Grande hometown way of life!

-- Leaette Burton - Arroyo Grande

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