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Job applicants for District 4: Please step forward


Conservative supervisors neglected to include any requirement of prior election experience as part of their open invitation to apply for county clerk-recorder. This comes after they cast and allowed baseless hatred and accusations for outgoing Clerk Tommy Gong. Only four of the 44 applicants have any prior election experience!

More troubling was the fact that 4th District Supervisor Lynn Compton again took the big lie even further by appointing her GOP Attack Lawyer, Chuck Bell, as the District 4 selection committee representative. Hmm ... what are the chances that all his endorsements might somehow be aligned with the GOP?

To quote Ken Hampian, a committee member and former SLO city manager, in introductory comments: "This is a politically fraught time. There are a lot of politics ... . We have the opportunity here to set all of that aside and focus entirely on the applications in front of us."

Lynn Compton must go. Time for a nonpartisan, forward-thinking representative who listens to all of their constituents and gathers intelligence, rather than the self-serving candidate who raises campaign finance limits, forms her own "alternative" committees for Oceano, denies that unhealthy air exists, and openly follows the partisan, divisive, and nontransparent marching orders of their party.

You might even expect a claim of voter fraud when she loses handily to Jimmy Paulding in 2022.

Bruce Berlin

Arroyo Grande

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