John Goodell - math tutor, 801-5874


NEW TIMES: What made you decide to tutor math?

GOODELL: I’m retired from teaching and I was kind of missing the interaction with students and also needed the extra income.

NEW TIMES: What grades do you tutor? 

GOODELL: Up through second-year calculus.

NEW TIMES: What tactics do you use to make math understandable to students? 

GOODELL: Students have just always been able to understand math when I explain it. I think I just have the ability to put myself in the place of someone who doesn’t understand math very well.

NEW TIMES: How long have you been offering this service and what response have you got? 

GOODELL: Not very long—a month or two. I’ve gotten a pretty good response.

NEW TIMES: Which is your favorite math subject to teach and why? 

GOODELL: Trigonometry. Calculus is fine, but I always liked teaching trigonometry because it’s [more practical].

NEW TIMES: What did you want to be when you were little? 

GOODELL: I think I wanted to be an airline pilot, but I’m nearsighted.

NEW TIMES: What are your future goals? 

GOODELL: To [keep helping] students be successful in math.

NEW TIMES: Why should students choose you over other tutors? 

GOODELL: I do have a talent for explaining [math] to students who have trouble with [it].

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