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Join a cult!


Usually, your gut instinct will tell you to run as far away as you possibly from anyone even remotely giving off that Jonestown “cult leader” vibe. However, this is a cult you can (and should) believe in, hook, line, and sinker. That is, of course, the “cult” of probiotic health. Too many “bad” bacteria swimming around in your gut, and you are in for some trouble, friend: issues with digestion, immunity, and absorption of nutrients can all be linked back to our epicenters. Enter: The Coconut Cult, based out of Los Osos. These coconut-based yogurts aren’t just cute and perky in their pink flamingo-emblazoned mason jars. They’re really, really powerful, because—and this is is key—they contain human strain probiotics. Sounds creepy, but don’t worry. Human strain probiotics are derived from the human gut, and the strains have been purified in a scientific lab and proven to be completely safe. Pick from quart-sized jars of original coconut, coconut cream, and mango cream available now at Lincoln Market in SLO to experience 800 billion probiotics whipped into one kicky satisfying snack. It’s OK. Drink that Kool-Aid for your health! For more information, go to

Hayley Thomas Cain has joined the cult of probiotic health. She can be reached at

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