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Join us to stand up for safe access

Americans for Safe Access San Luis Obispo chapter



Regarding “Nothing comic about it” (Nov. 17):

Thank you for reminding the public that many of the “SLO 12” arrestees have yet to be tried. Meanwhile, they are being drained economically, physically, emotionally and vocationally until their innocence and their compliance with Prop. 215 can be proved true.

Pre-trial hearings, motions, etc., continue—at the expense of us taxpayers.

If you share concern about these events, please join us at a protest demonstration and rally on Tuesday morning, Dec. 27, at 9 in front of the County Courthouse, 1050 Monterey St. We are marking the one-year anniversary of those raids conducted last Dec. 28 and 29.

All of you who believe in the right of patients to have safe and reasonable access to medicine are urged to join us on Tuesday morning.

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