Judy Polsky

Publicity Director SLO Newcomer's Association



NEW TIMES: What does the SLO Newcomer’s Association do?

POLSKY: We’re an organization that helps people meet other people. We gather together for a luncheon once a month to allow people to get the chance to become acquainted with the county. We invite a speaker to give us an idea of what is going on in the county currently and introduce new members to people who are active within the activities of this county. Since we’re involved with many volunteer organizations we have a great deal of information of what’s going on within the Central Coast.

NEW TIMES: What kind of activities and meetings do you offer for members?

POLSKY: We have an abundance of activities such as book clubs, bridge groups, kayak groups, game groups and special events like movies night out and cocktail parties. We have at least 20 to 30 activities listed on our website, which covers a variety of entertainment to suit anyoen’s needs.

NEW TIMES: What does it take to become a member of the Newcomer's Association?

POLSKY: You can contact our membership chair or go to our website. Just express an interest and we’ll invite you to the next luncheon. Our luncheon costs $18 and it’s an opportunity for people to learn whether they’d like to join as a member. There are no requirements to join our group. We accept any age, and any lifestyle, regardless of whether you’re a local, a former resident, or are simply visiting.

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