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Just a small correction …


Thank you for supporting Glen Starkey as he gives support to our local public art scene (“Your art, my art … public art,� Feb. 17-24). Sometimes it seems like our public art programs take an awful lot of work. We always appreciate good press.

I do wish to clear up one small detail. Ferromobius is the name of our business, not the name of an art piece as was referenced in your article. Our company has placed two sculptural pieces on the streets of San Luis Obispo. One, entitled Symbiosis, was part of the Downtown Association’s failed Rotating Sculpture Program. Sited on Chorro Street near the Chamber of Commerce, it was removed after being vandalized two years ago. Community’s Bridge is part of our city’s “percent for art� ordinance and was sited near Mo’s Smokehouse on Higuera Street. The pieces have been removed for the construction of the exciting new Court Street Center. After refurbishment they will be re-installed near their former site.

We are proud of this community and its art scene. Thanks for mentioning some key players, especially Ann Ream. I would hate to think where we would be without her efforts! I hope the entire community appreciates the work and joy that’s been given, and continues to support the arts as our local programs evolve.


Allen Root


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