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Katcho's voting record speaks for itself



Ashley Hernandez writes that she is ashamed of the Democratic Party because recent TV ads “frame Katcho [Achadjian] as anti-woman” (New Times, May 26). She says that “Katcho has always been at the forefront of women’s issues in this community.” Apparently Ashley does not regard the right of a woman to decide whether to have a safe and legal abortion as a “woman’s issue.” Katcho has a consistently negative voting record on all bills that have come before the state Assembly involving women’s reproductive health. This is not what I would call “being at the forefront of women’s issues”—unless being at the forefront means doing whatever one can to prevent a woman from having control over her own body.

-- Laurence Houlgate - Paso Robles

-- Laurence Houlgate - Paso Robles

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