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KCPR should change, but I'll miss the way it was



I enjoyed your story “Changing the station: KCPR Cal Poly Radio dispatches with its long-time community DJs as the college charts a new course” that was published on July 8.

As a community member and long-time listener, as well as a graduate of Cal Poly I felt there was one big point missed. That is that although the format of the station is changing, the world of radio is changing as well. I think it is really easy to harken back to the “good ole days,” and I feel that for many years, the way in which KCPR has been run will be referred to as the “good ole days.” But the reality is, radio is changing, media is changing, and how people consume information is changing as well. Cal Poly serves to educate students, guided by the principle of “learn by doing” so that they may be successful in the real world. The fact is KCPR has to adjust to the times and is doing students a disservice by languishing in total and absolute freedom to do whatever they wanted. The media is, by and large, a corporate entity now. The journalism department is doing students a huge service by changing how KCPR works, so that they may be better prepared for the world ahead.

I’ll miss the old KCPR, but I’m glad that the new KCPR will actually serve the real needs of the students instead of the languishing desires of stalwart, soon to be old nostalgic farts such as myself.

-- Gregory Siragusa - Morro Bay

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