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Keep kissing!

Los Osos



When Ashley Schwellenbach dropped by my office to talk about kissing for her article in the Holiday Guide (New Times Special Issue, Nov. 20), I was tickled to provide suggestions for snogging under mistletoe or other festive occasions. & I eagerly rushed to pick up my copy and was pleased to find she used my favorite E.M. Forster quote for her title: “Only connect.” & Imagine my dismay when I discovered that she had dubbed me “Lisa”—when my name is, and always has been, Jill!

Many people are surprised to learn that kissing is usually the first expression of intimacy that falls away for long-term couples. Hopefully such readers will find the article inspiring and provocative. It’s never easy to talk about sex, but for 30 years I’ve been providing a safe place to do just that, whether you’re in a relationship or flying solo.

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