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Keep the medal; pay songwriters




Regarding your June 14 publication “Songwriters rule,” I quote: “Steve Key’s Songwriters at Play keeps bringing you original music week after week; someone ought to give him a medal.”

Hi. My name is Peggy Penny. I am a professional singer/songwriter. I am “paid” to perform my original music because it is “work.”

In fact, event coordinators “save money” by hiring me to perform because they do not have to pay ASCAP fees when I sing my original songs. The fees saved by hiring me can be used to pay me.

Why does Mr. Starkey believe that a medal should be given for starting and promoting an organization that devalues the work of songwriters by not paying them for their work?

Maybe Mr. Starkey would like to not be paid for his work, too?

Glen’s note: I wrote about awarding Mr. Key a medal for his continued hard work to give songwriters a voice and venue in which to hone their skills and expose their work to others. It’s certainly an ongoing problem of “artists” being un- or under-paid for their work, but I know personally many of the songwriters who continue to play the Songwriters at Play showcases, and they’re happy to have the opportunity. I congratulate Ms. Penny for her success and encourage her not to debase and dismiss the efforts of others.


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