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Keep the spotlight on fracking



Well said, Melanie and Robert, you really hit a nerve with that letter (“Stop bickering, and fight fracking together,” Dec. 5) and zeroed in on the thread that holds a community together or unravels it completely: water. And more importantly, how we can lose it all by ignoring the stealth drone flying beneath the radar with our water, our land, our oil, clearly in its sight. Oil is expert at these kinds of tactics. Sneak attacks on a bewildered, disorganized, distracted, disgruntled populace is child’s play for them, and I agree, we are making it even easier for them by acting like kids in a sandbox fighting each other over one toy, unaware that the sandbox is the real target.

We are a nation of laws. And what the oil companies have working for them and we as a community don’t is the law. SLO Clean Water Action is a local group of concerned, active citizens intent and dedicated to keeping our Water safe and frack free with a community bill of rights and water protection law. It’s a law that insures that what water we do have and is available is not ever threatened by fracking and its accompanying components, such as acidizing. A countywide law protecting all our water from fracking is in everyone’s best interest.

And as you also pointed out, and which has been the case in hundreds of other communities just like ours, fracked water destroys communities and ruins it for everyone and everything it comes in contact with. Spotlighting fracking with a countywide ordinance makes it pretty hard to sneak in under the radar and seems critical to insuring we will be around to fight more battles.


-- Jeanne Blackwell - San Luis Obispo

-- Jeanne Blackwell - San Luis Obispo

-- Jeanne Blackwell - San Luis Obispo

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