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Keep up the fight




Do you remember when developers were scrambling to get their projects approved before the two newly elected Board of Supervisors took office in January? It was well known that the infamous three supervisors, Harry Ovitt, Jerry Lenthall, and Katcho Achadjian would probably overrule Jim Patterson and Bruce Gibson when it came down to developers’ interests versus the community. It happened with the Santa Margarita Ranch development, which is now tied up in litigation and on a smaller scale with the Cayucos Del Mar project, which is currently on hold pending two appeals and a lawsuit filed by the Concerned Citizens of Cayucos (CCC).

Citizens were forced to get involved in order to ensure that the developers are held accountable for following the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) and certainly ethical and responsible behavior toward their neighbors being affected by the proposed projects.

The cost of pursuing justice when it has been undermined is enormous on both sides. The developer wants his project pushed through with expediency and the public wants to guarantee that it is reasonable and compatible.

The CCC will continue efforts to bring the Cayucos Del Mar project into compliance with all the quantitative as well as qualitative measures essential to helping it fit into our neighborhood. Being a small grass-roots organization without major financial resources makes it all the more difficult to challenge a big developer.

The Three Amigos approved the Cayucos Del Mar project in spite of advice from their citizens’ advisory council and their own appointed planning commissioners not to do so. It has been repeatedly shown to be too massive and out of character for the small residential setting it is proposed for, as well as an environmental threat in many ways.

The CCC is continuing to solicit community support, donations, and organize fundraisers to help with legal expenses. Contact us at ccc1@cayucosproject.com or 995-3186 or P.O. Box 496, Cayucos 93430.

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