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Keep your chin up, Bill Denneen

Pismo Beach



I feel so much safer now that the Off-Highway Vehicle law enforcers gave elder Bill Denneen a citation for walking his “tour” of kids in a preserve in order to protect from vehicles and “preserve” their safety (“Damage in the dunes,” June 12). I feel so much safer knowing that the OHSVRA cops are on the lookout for such evil doers and eco-hooligans.

Maybe next time they will see the woman suffocating in the sand, or maybe they will cite that speeding truck doing loops that killed that mother, or maybe they will catch the tricksters who blew up the toilet in the dunes, or find the driver of the stolen vehicle in the creek, or ticket the RVs dumping their holding tanks on the beach, or charge someone with something when they run over a child, or maybe they will actually enforce the 11 p.m. curfew in their area.

Albeit, I feel good to know we are no longer threatened by the likes of an old man leading hikes in the dunes.

Thanks Bill, for all you do. I am sending you something to help you pay your fine, and trust others will, also.

-- Marsha Lilly - Oceanside

-- Marsha Lilly - Oceanside

-- Marsha Lilly - Oceanside

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