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Koberl at Blue Mint Mojoto Martini and Steamer's of Pismo Mai Tai


I forgot how much I love people watching on a Friday night in downtown SLO. My recommendation: Snag a window seat at the swanky Koberl at Blue, order up a mint mojito martini (with white rum, lime, and loads of fresh mint), and grab a few loud-mouthed friends. The result? A reason to dress up and endless entertainment, all for less than $15.

• Koberl at Blue Mint Mojoto Martini — About $10; 998 Monterey St. in SLO.




Not only do you get a spectacular view of the water and its undersea friends, but a day trip to Steamer’s of Pismo also includes giant, flavorful cocktails and superior apps. Try their Sea Bass Ceviche or a plate of blackened Ahi with my new favorite—Steamer’s classic Mai Tai that’s too pretty to stir up—and pinch yourself. Don’t you just love “winter” on the Central Coast?

• Steamer’s of Pismo Mai Tai — About $10; 1601 Price St., Pismo Beach.


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