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Kool-Aid map


This whole SLO County redistricting process was a complete fiasco. First, it was unnecessary, as our population has not changed enough to warrant it. Second, the whole idea of even considering the Patten map was ridiculous. The map ignores geography and communities of interest except for the city of SLO. The most laughable comment was from 4th District Supervisor Lynn Compton when she said it "defies logic" not to view San Luis Obispo and Cal Poly as communities of interest. While that may be true, at the same time she's totally OK with splitting up Los Osos and Morro Bay into different districts?

How in the world are they not "communities of interest"? They're within spitting distance of each other, share the same shoreline of an estuary, and the same junior high and high schools. Instead, Los Osos is lumped with ... Grover Beach? And Morro Bay with SLO? Not to mention Atascadero is split off from Templeton and instead is in the same district as ... Cambria? Richard Patten, what the heck were you drinking when you came up with this and what were the supervisors drinking when they decided to accept this joke of a map?

Oh wait, nevermind, I know what they were drinking ... the Kool Aid.

Dean Thompson

Los Osos

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