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Korsgaden isn't running on the issues


As a 3rd District voter, I'm not voting for any political candidate who produces dark hit-piece flyers against their opponent. This week I've received two dark gray flyers paid for by Stacy Korsgaden's campaign that smear Supervisor Adam Hill with ugly personal innuendo. There is nothing on the flyer that states why Korsgaden is running for this seat and how her representation will benefit our district/county, nor does she include issues on which she disagrees with Hill.

After attending two 3rd District forums, I can state with certitude that Korsgaden is broadly uninformed on issues important to both our district and county, and is running solely on a negative campaign against Hill. She doesn't belong in the supervisors' chambers, as a thoughtful Tribune editorial concluded for reasons that I heard directly from her in public.

I don't agree with him on every issue, but my vote will be for Hill.

Elizabeth Johnson

San Luis Obispo

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