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Kudos to everyone who fought the Chimney Fire



On behalf of the Cambria FireSafe Focus Group, I am extending a sincere and heartfelt thanks and gratitude to all of our first responders in this past Chimney Fire experience.

Kudos go to Cal Fire, the SLO County Sheriff’s Office, the California Highway Patrol, and the assorted pilots of the planes dumping fire retardant and the helicopters dumping water scooped out of local ranchers’ water storage ponds.

Kudos also are extended to the dispatchers who directed the planes and helicopters and the heavy equipment operators who frantically created firebreaks to try to prevent the spread of the flames. 

Kudos also to our own Cambria Fire Department and the ambulance crews from the Cambria Healthcare District who were on standby, ready, willing, and able to assist.

Kudos to our local residents who paid for meals at the local restaurants they owned or were patronizing. 

And, certainly not least, to the staff of The Cambrian, especially Kathe Tanner, who all did a yeoman’s job, under some extenuating and sad personal experiences, in getting the most up-to-date news out to the residents of both the outlying areas as well as those living in town. 

We at the focus group sincerely hope that our efforts at getting the information about the Ready, Set, Go program from Cal Fire helped to lessen the stress level most of us were experiencing. It certainly did for me!

-- Shirley Bianchi - chair, Cambria FireSafe Focus Group

-- Shirley Bianchi - Cambria

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