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Kudos to Trump



I couldn’t be happier or more pleased with President Trump’s decision to remove us from the Paris climate accord, an agreement that was bad for America and another campaign promise fulfilled.

This accord was just another example of how the left, with good intentions, follows through with bad policy. We all know that the admirable goal of affordable health care for all resulted in unaffordable health insurance. Or … a living wage for workers devolved into the goal of a $15 minimum wage. Really! Does anyone think a family of four can survive on a $15 hourly wage?

Then the high ideal of welcoming migrants, the poor, and oppressed into our country turns instead to illegal aliens funneled into sanctuary cities, encouraging lawlessness and increasing crime. Or … gun control laws that make it difficult for lawful and responsible citizens to get guns while doing little to prevent the bad guys from getting them. You get the picture.

The Paris accord was bad for middle-class jobs and for the standard of living of our poor as it would substantially increase the cost of energy and be reflected in the cost of everything we buy. This would disproportionately impact the working poor and others who are financially challenged.

President Obama expected us to bear this burden in spite of the fact that everyone in the know knows that commitments made under this accord were voluntary and unenforceable and that even if all participating countries lived up to their commitments the result wouldn’t have much of an effect on the climate. So, once again, good intentions (let’s save the planet) result in bad policy (hurts the middle class and the poor).

In spite of President Trump’s wise decision to withdraw from the Paris Climate Accord, the United States is and will continue to be a leader in alternative energy development and dissemination. A policy of all energy all the time offered at the lowest possible price is the best policy for America. Through job creation and prosperity, we’ll be in the best position to lead the world to a healthy, prosperous, and secure future. Thank you Donald Trump.

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