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Lay off off-roaders

San Luis Obispo



Regarding the Hodin drawing showing dead animals under a tire labeled  “Oceano Dunes” (October 29): I’m sure many readers were outraged at the thought of the death of these poor creatures brought about by the irresponsible actions of callous off-highway-vehicle enthusiasts tearing around the dunes. But I wonder how many of these same people drive any kind of motor vehicle? If they do, they are much more likely to be the perpetrators of road-kill than any OHV driver.

I recently bicycled along South Bay Boulevard and in less than a mile saw the remains of several ground squirrels, two crows, and a red-tail hawk (a protected species) that were all victims of automobiles. The last several times I was on the beach and in the dunes I saw no dead animals. Though that is not a valid statistical sample, it is anecdotal information that matches much broader studies. According to the Humane Society of the United States more than a million animals are killed daily on U.S. highways (see: hsus.org/and search “Killer Highways”).

So to Russell Hodin and like-thinking readers, I say you are being hypocritical to criticize or even think badly of off-roaders, unless you walk or bicycle everywhere you go.

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