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Learn more about Lyme disease

Davis, Calif



Thank you for Jacque Simmons’ excellent article about Lyme disease (“Take precautions to avoid Lyme disease,” Sept. 11, 2008). As she found out, there is a serious misperception that Lyme disease is rare or non-existent in California. The truth is that Lyme-infected ticks can be found throughout our state. Some parts of California have tick infection rates that rival the worst Lyme hotspots back east.

Once infected, a person’s best chance for recovery comes with early diagnosis and appropriate medical treatment. However, if Lyme disease is misdiagnosed or goes untreated, it can cause long-term health problems, including neurological disorders, crippling muscle and joint pain, disabling fatigue, psychological disorders, and even death.

The California Lyme Disease Association encourages your readers to go to our website at lymedisease.org to find out how to protect themselves and their children from this potentially devastating illness.

-- Dorothy Leland - California Lyme Disease Association

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